Canyon de Challandre

Canyon de Challandre

Beginner to advanced

The canyon nearest station Beuil Valberg and less difficult canyons Valley Cians.


Descent in the canyon in the middle of the red and purplish pélites. Numerous reminders(abseilings) wait for us.
Technical and vertical canyon with beautiful bowls.

Pedestrian access: 1 am of walking(step), in an atmosphere of alpine vegetation and undergrowth where fir trees and spruces follow one another.

Pedestrian return: nobody

Price list(Rate): 70 ¤ a person. Price list(rate) groups: 55 ¤ from 8 persons.
To register you:
Aprés a phone contact, you have to confirm your registration(inscription) by sending us an enamel with:
- your name and portable phone number
- the first name of every participant accompanied with his weight, size and size.

Councils(Advises) of the guide:
To take advantage at best of your day of canyoning and keep(guard) unforgettable memories(souvenirs), we advise(recommend) you to take with you an aquatic digital device if you have one of it either to buy an aquatic disposable device.
Besides do not take jewels, such as watches, rings, or necklaces.

Supplied equipment:

A combination(overall) néoprène two rooms(parts,plays) 5mm.
A pair of néoprènes slippers.
A helmet. A belt.
Tight tin, backpack.
Equipment to Be planned: sports shoes, swimsuit and bars of cèrèales

Meeting(Appointment): 8:30 am in front of the bar of Touet on Var

Road route from Nice: go back up(raise) the valley of the Var by the RN202, then take the RD 6202 up to the village of Touet on Var.