Riolan Canyon

Riolan Canyon

Riolan Canyon


Riolan the canyon is the most representative of what may be a canyon. Vertiginous walls, a unique ambience in beautiful meandering.


Riolan canyon


Difficulty : Intermediate and athletic


Close to Castellane and Verdon gorges, Riolan canyon is the most representative of the canyon practicing. This river descent crosses high and narrow marvellous cliffs. This canyon is very aquatic with many sections to slide, jump or abseil. 

Many canyonists consider this canyon as the one of most beautiful canyon in France.


Minimum age:  12 years

River access:   5 minutes of walking

Canyon descent: 4 hours and half

Return trail:  2 minutes of walking


Price: 60 € per person. 

group price : groups of 6 : 55 € per person


Booking: after a phone call, a confirmation email is required with the following information: 

- Your name and cell phone number 

- The first name, height, weight and shoe size of each participant 


Guide advice

To have unforgettable souvenirs bring a waterproof camera with you.

Leave jewellery (ring, necklace, earrings) or non-waterproof watches at home.

Wear a swimming suit and a pair of sport shoes to walk on trail and into water. Take some cereal bars.


Provided equipment

- 5mm thick two-piece wetsuit

- dive socks

- harness

- helmet

- A backpack and a 6 Litre Waterproof Storage Barrel is available for the group.


Meeting point: 9h30 a.m in the front of the pub (bar-tabac) of Roquesteron village (06)

GPS: N 43° 52.455'  E007° 00.299'


Road access from Nice: take the Var valley (RN 202) towards Digne-les-bains.

At Charles Albert’s bridge cross Var river to the D17 towards Gillette.

Cross Gillette and continue to Roquesteron


For your comfort, we recommend an accommodation the day after the canyoning: 

Hotel : « L'auberge du Calendal » in Aiglun(06910)


camping : « Le camping des Fines Roches » in Roquesteron, tel: 04 93 05 91 85.