Canyon de Cramassouri

Cramassouri canyon


Easy access and close to the coast in the canyon is perfect for beginners. Polished rocks, small waterfalls and basins successive uninterrupted until the confluence with the Tinée.

 Cramassouri canyon


Difficulty : beginner


Cramassouri is the most beautiful canyon of the Tinée Valley and one of the most interesting of the region.

The canyon is located at 30 min of driving from Puget-Théniers where many accommodations are proposed (In Puget-Théniers, the "origan" is a rated three stars naturist camping)

Description: with a quick and easy access from the seacoast, this canyon is nice for initiation in family. There are continuous series of polished stones, natural pools and waterfalls. The difficulties progressively increase up to a 10 meter waterfall with a large pool. 

Minimum age:  10 years

River access:   15 minutes of walking

Canyon descent: 2 hours

Canyon length :  1 km

Return trail:  10 minutes of walking


Price: 50 ¤ per person.

group price : groups of 8 : 45 ¤ per person


Booking: after a phone call, a confirmation email is required with the following information: 

- Your name and cell phone number 

- The first name, height, weight and shoe size of each participant 


Guide advice

To have unforgettable souvenirs bring a waterproof camera with you.

Leave jewellery (ring, necklace, earrings) or non-waterproof watches at home.

Wear a swimming suit and a pair of sport shoes to walk on trail and into water. Take some cereal bars.


Provided equipment

- 5mm thick two-piece wetsuit

- dive socks

- harness

- helmet

- A backpack and a 6 Litre Waterproof Storage Barrel is available for the group.


Rendezvous: 9h a.m. or 2h p.m. at the car park located on the right of the roundabout at the end of the village Plan-du-Var (06) (this roundabout is just after the iron bridge crossing Vesubie river, and in front of a wood seller)


Road access

From Nice, go north (drive away from the seacoast) on the Var valley RN202 towards Dignes-Les-Bains up to Plan-du-Var.