Canyon de la Bendola

The valley of the Bendola

level sports expert

This is the biggest race in Europe with 15000m is down to about 1800m in altitude.
A challenge must for fans of canyons.

One of the most beautiful canyon descents in Europe: The Bendola. Do at least once.
This descent is reserved for people in good physical condition and have great experience of reminders. This canyon is developed over 15km to 1600m altitude! The first part (10/12 hours) has a lot of verticals including some more than 40m. A pleasant bivouac in the woods of Bear, will a good evening and a deserved rest with a wood fire. The second day will be much shorter with more aquatic parts swum in magnificent gorges.


15 & 16 August 2009, and upon request.

Price: 195 euros per person including: