Audin Canyon

Audin canyon


Audin canyon is the introductory course in the valley of the Roya.Cette nice course offers a very original water course, with jumps and slides.

Audin canyon - Fanghetto
Difficulty : beginner
Audin canyon is nice for initiation with friends or in family (minimum age : 8). It is located in Roya Valley, north to the Italian town of Vintimiglia (Vintimille in French). This pretty canyon is aquatic and allows jumps and slides.
Description :
This canyon is also known as Fanghetto. Fanghetto is a little Italian village from where the approach walk starts. The descent takes place into a Mediterranean landscape. Audin canyon is especially playful.
Minimum age:  8 years old
River access:   1 hour of walking
Canyon descent: 2 hours
Return trail:  20 minutes of walking
Price: 55 ¤ per person.
Group price : groups of 8 : 45 ¤ per person 
Booking: after a phone call, a confirmation email is required with the following information: 
- Your name and cell phone number 
- The first name, height, weight and shoe size of each participant 
Guide advice
To have unforgettable souvenirs bring a waterproof camera with you.
Leave jewellery (ring, necklace, earrings) or non-waterproof watches at home.
Wear a swimming suit and a pair of sport shoes to walk on trail and into water. Take some cereal bars.
Provided equipment
- 5mm thick two-piece wetsuit
- dive socks
- harness
- helmet
- A backpack and a 6 Litre Waterproof Storage Barrel is available for the group.
For your comfort, we recommend an accommodation the day after the canyoning: 
Hotel le Roya:tél:04 93 04 48 10 Breil/Roya (06540)
Camping Azur et Merveilles:04 93 62 47 04 Breil/Roya(06540)