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Climbing in Spain Montserrat Riglos

Climbing in Spain Montserrat Riglos

Level: minimum 5c

Spain has become a playground exceptional, highly prized by climbers in search of novelties.

Browse some of its most beautiful is a delight for the climber who Revera to return ......

With its special features due to the diversity of rocks, sometimes surprising (Montserrat, Riglos ....), 


J1> Travel towards the monastery of Montserrat. In the late afternoon we can go a few laps before going to listen to the songs DesMoines Benedictines.
J2> Climbing around Montserrat and El Cavall Bernat, beautiful wall of 200 meters. Travel to Vilanova de Meia
J3> From the "skin" to major routes 250 meters from Roca dels Arcs in a pleasant setting resembling the cliffs Presles.
J4> ° Id. Travel to the Mallos of Riglos.
J5> The Riglos the site most fantastic of Spain with its high walls ambiance of over 250 meters high.
J6> ° Id. Ride to the Serra de Prades.
J7> We end our stay by a half day in the cliffs of the Sierra de Prades mountains of pre Catalan coast. Falaise Mont-Ral. Return trip

Dates: from 1 to 7 November 2009
Participants: 4 persons max.
Price: 630 € including:
        Managers and technical equipment
         Travel, half board in lodges or shelters shall be borne by the participants